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Product Catalog

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Product Catalog
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Thomas Gunn


10043 - U.S. Marine WWI Chau-Chat Gunner - Feb 2014

  List price $32 

17674 German Deaths Head Officer Set # 1

  List price $90 

17869 British Field Artillery Limber with Gun

  List price $500 

17870 British Field Artillery Officer Mounted

  List price $80 

17902 British Infantry Standing Firing

  Special price $11.00

17904 U.S. Infantry Standing Firing 1 pc

  List price: $26  Special price $11.00

British 42nd BWH Charging #1

  Special price $10.00

british 42nd bwh Charging #1

  Special price $10.00

Briyish 42nd BWH Firing Sea #1

  Special price $27.00

British 42nd BWH Command Set #1

  Special price $27.00

British 80th Foot CMD Advancing #1

  Special price $27.00

We have a large inventory of WBritain Sets.  However, to be sure we have the sets you sellect you must send us an email stating what you want.  After we have checked our inventory we will let you know if your requested sets are available.   You will then be requested to make payment by money order or check.  When payment is received we will ship your purchase.

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