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Product Catalog

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Product Catalog
American Soldiers
World Wars
European Wars
   Zulu - Nile
1903 Delhi Durbar
Thomas Gunn
Royal Light Infantry

  Special price $75.00

Highland Light Infantry

  Special price $100.00

14th Ludhianna Sikhs

  Special price $90.00

125th Napier Rifles

  Special price $125.00

British Command

  Special price $25.00

French Command

  Special price $20.00

British/French Hand to Hand

  Special price $25.00

17367 - Sgt Charles Ewart Captures the 45th Flag

  Special price $40.00

20016 British Military Accessory Set

  Special price $22.00

20070-British Bell Tent

  Special price $45.00

B of I - British Natal Mtd Police Wounded #1

  Special price $15.00

20085 Zulu "Water Detail" 24th Foot & Zulu

  Special price $120.00

We have a large inventory of WBritain Sets.  However, to be sure we have the sets you sellect you must send us an email stating what you want.  After we have checked our inventory we will let you know if your requested sets are available.   You will then be requested to make payment by money order or check.  When payment is received we will ship your purchase.

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